Sustainable Innovative Technology

We specialize in recovering and transforming a wide array of waste streams into renewable energy and biofuels, with our locally developed technology and international partnerships.  

Core Services

Waste Management

Client site management

Collections and logistics

Certification and compliance

Cooking Oil Exchange

New cooking oil sales and delivery

Used cooking oil rebate and collection


Conversion Hub

Accredited waste disposal and recovery facility

Waste conversion technology

Sustainable Consulting and Reporting

Best practices


Circular economy


Supply and delivery

One-Stop Sustainable Solutions

We foster a more sustainable world through innovation


Our vision is to develop innovative technologies and smart service systems for sustainable development, in the waste, water, energy and agricultural sectors.


Our mission is to transition waste, water, energy and agricultural systems towards sustainability through the development and implementation of technology and smart service systems in Africa and Globally.

Tonnes of liquid Waste processed

LITRES OF Bio-diesel produced

Value Creation Process

Waste Collection

Fats, Oil, Grease, Organic waste, Recyclables

Waste Recovery

Conversion hub technology

Dedicated disposal facility

Zero waste to landfill


Waste to Energy

Waste to Resources

Reporting and Certification

Safe disposal certification

Compliance with Legislation


New cooking oil


Accredited Services

DID YOU KNOW? The organic waste landfill ban is in conjunction with a liquid waste to landfill ban. This means that organizations need to find solutions to cost-effectively manage these streams.

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