Waste to Resources

Providing holistic solutions that have the ability to lower carbon emissions while saving on operational costs. Driving zero waste to landfill with innovation that is focused on reuse and resource recovery.


 1. We collect your waste


 2. Processing your waste into raw materials  with our conversion hubs


3. Convert waste to energy providing resources

4. Supply

 The supply of biodiesel and new cooking oil 

Sustainable Waste Management

Our hubs and plants are able to process the majority of liquid and organic waste.

1. Used Cooking Oil

2. Grease Trap Waste

3. Fat Waste

Our Services 

Your waste is our business

Our One-Stop Sustainable Solutions

Starts by ensuring relevant bins are provided and client sites are ready for appropriate waste disposal and efficient collection.

Collection & Transportation

Managing the collection of all types of waste streams. Accredited waste transportation directly from your business to our facilities.

Recovery & Recycling

Recovering organic and liquid waste to extract value and create raw materials for the production of energy-providing resources.

Managing all recycling processes. 


Accurate capturing of waste volumes. Data management. Safe disposal certificates. 

The Cooking Oil Exchange 

New oil supply and used cooking oil rebate. Providing cost-competitive cooking oil.

Waste to Energy 

Converting liquid waste into renewable energy with our conversion hub technology. 

On-demand Biodiesel and Delivery

Biodiesel is a sustainable cleaner burning fuel made from used cooking oil. It has the ability to lower carbon emissions and have a positive effect on the environment. 

Accredited Services

DID YOU KNOW? The organic waste landfill ban is in conjunction with a liquid waste to landfill ban. This means that organizations need to find solutions to cost-effectively manage these streams.

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